The effect of question presentation on learning

Ziyi Kuang and Xiangen Hu

With the rapid development of network and computer, online learning breaks the limitation of time and space, and the emergence of MOOCs and other platforms provides convenience for teachers and students. Due to the rapid progress of online learning, there are many challenges, the most obvious of which is the extremely high dropout rate. In order to further improve the effectiveness of video teaching, many researchers have begun to explore the impact of online learning factors. One of the more obvious factors is the teacher’s question in online learning. Asking questions can promote the integration of knowledge and facilitate the learning of knowledge. However, in real classroom teaching, students ask questions less frequently and the quality is not high (Graesser & Person, 1994). Although some researchers have discussed the effects of questions on students' learning, current studies are not consistent, so it is necessary to further explore the effects of different presentation of questions on learning.