The Design and Development of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality based applications for Art Appreciation and Sports Simulation

Eric Cesar E. Vidal, and Jayzon Ty

Presenter: Jonathan DL. Casano

This paper reports the three papers published as inspired by the use of the HoloLens 1, the world's first fully untethered and head-mounted holographic computer. First, a custom Hand Gesture Recognition (HGR) framework for smartphones named AR Mobile Device Gestures (AMDG) was created. Through a usability test, this framework was shown to be comparable to the HoloLens 1 HGR despite the limitations of hand-held HGR. Second, AMDG was used to support the creation of a basketball simulator that accurately mimics the real-world performance of basketball moves such as throwing and shooting. This basketball simulator was developed simultaneously for both VR/AR headsets and hand-held devices. Lastly, a 'Slow Art' experience that runs on the HoloLens 1 was designed and developed for a painting by Rodel Tapaya called Earthly Desires. This experience consists of revealing the contents of the painting part-by-part as guided by the narrative created by the artist himself coupled with story enhancing audio landscapes and animation.