• Introduction

    The 7th CyberPsychology and Behavioral Seminar is hosted by the Chinese Psychological Society, Youth Psychology, and Behavior Lab of Education Ministry and the School of Psychology of Central China Normal University. The seminar aims at providing a platform for researchers from psychology, educational technology or information science backgrounds to share their ideas and resources and help improve related research and implication. The focus of this year is "models and analysis of self-improving adaptive instructional systems.

    • Over ten experts will give keynote speeches on most advanced adaptive instructional systems (AIS)
    • One panel discussions about AIS * Lessons learned  * Stat of the Art, * Future outlook * Benefit and potential issues, * Ethics in AI in Education.
    • Two Workshops: 1) Generalized Intelligent Framework for Tutoring (GIFT), 2) Conversation-Based Intelligent Tutoring Systems.

  • 周宗奎 (Zongkui Zhou)

    Zongkui Zhou a Professor of School of Psychology of the Central China Normal University, the director of the Key Laboratory of Adolescent Cyberpsychology and Behavior, Ministry of Education. He is also the executive director of the Chinese Psychological Association, the director of the Network Psychology Committee of the Chinese Psychological Association and the China Psychology Associate Director of the Society for Developmental Psychology. Dr. Zhou’s research interests are the developmental and educational psychology, cyberpsychology, and mental health education. His long-term research concerns include the social and personality development of children and adolescents, the growth and education of left-behind children in rural areas, the mental health education in primary and secondary schools, and the psychological and behavioral development of adolescents. He has led more than 10 projects including the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the major projects of the National Social Science Fund, and the international collaborative projects. He has been entitled leading talent of several national projects.

    朱廷劭 (Tingshao Zhu) 刘三女牙(Sanya Liu)