• About

    2021 ALTTAI ANNUAL CONSORTIUM MEETING is an annual international consortium meeting for the dissemination and exchange of educational research on theoretical, generic, and applied areas of education, psychology, computer science/engineering, cognitive science, and their interdiscipline. ALTTAI is the abbreviation of Advanced Learning, Theories, Technologies, Applications, and Impacts Consortium. The annual international consortium meeting can be the upgraded version of our regular weekly seminar. 

    The overarching goal of the 2021 ALTTAI ANNUAL CONSORTIUM MEETING research community is to provide a collaborative platform for relevant faculty members, graduate students, and industry partners. This meeting will be accomplished through the following three modes of communication: keynote presentation, regular presentation, and ignite presentation. 
    The related topics include, but are not limited to, 
    • Online and distance learning, Education psychology, 
    • Education technology, 
    • Intelligent and Interactive Technologies in an Educational Context, 
    • Collaborative Learning in Online Environments, 
    • Models of Teaching and Learning, 
    • Evaluation on learning and teaching, 
    • Simulation on learning and teaching, 
    • Inequity and inequality in education.

    This meeting will be organized and run as a two-day virtual conference on 30-31 July 2021 (To 1 August, 2021 for BJT). Please mark your calendars and join our 2021 ALTTAI ANNUAL CONSORTIUM MEETING.

  • Call for Paticipation

    2021 ALTTAI ANNUAL CONSORTIUM MEETING invites you to participate and contribute to this international consortium  for the dissemination and exchange of up-to-date scientific information on theoretical, generic and applied areas of advanced learning. We look forward to receiving your submission(s). Please submit abstracts including the essence of the planned presentation. The abstract can be submitted in either DOCX or PDF format. References, tables and figures are also acceptable in the abstract. 
    All accepted abstracts will be published in the open-access proceedings of the 2021 ALTTAI ANNUAL CONSORTIUM MEETING. 

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